Hi, my name is Hannes and yeah, I know, I'm a copycat. I find single serving sites mildly amusing and I wanted to create another one (I also have similar sites for Tumblr and Facebook). This website is obviously inspired by When Twitter is down, Barack Obama is your new bicycle, When Obama wins and other great single serving sites out there.

I also realize Instagram isn't down very often, but it happens and that's why I created this website :)

Instagram is of course owned by Instagram, Inc. (well, Facebook). This website is a tribute to the amazing service that Instagram is :)

You can contact me here with suggestions, feedback or whatever.

In case you're wondering, yes I'm on Instagram (username: officialstation).

Oh, and I like taking photos, making music, creating videos and t-shirts.

If you really, really like this site you're free to make a donation (but only if you feel like it). Thanks :)

When Instagram is down...

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